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Underwater City: Poems

University Press of Florida, 2004
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Underwater City: Poems by Kelle Groom

"Tender, mysterious, grieving yet good-natured, Kelle Groom's poems reach to the heart. Underwater City is a marvelous collection, at once various and centered, often focusing on the subject of family. If you have ever been a member of one, you will recognize and appreciate the redemptive grace with which she writes."

Kelly Cherry

"Kelle Groom's beautiful poems are haunted by a rare intuition, a sense that things are more than what they appear."

Malena Morling

"Underwater City introduces us to a voice that is both ghost-like and full of wonder. Her imagery is as fantastical and as clear as Magritte's." "At times, Groom's poems are so powerful that they seem to touch at undiscovered emotional centers that both shake and comfort us."

The Missouri Review (online)

"Groom skillfully connects loves to losses, generations to one another, and oceans near and distant. . . Each poem offers exceptional craftsmanship, precisely rendered emotions, and haunting images."

Southern Humanities Review

"Groom proceeds--headlong, staggering and every now and then stumbling onto something extraordinary."

New York Times Book Review

Underwater City is a book of gifts and revelations. Kelle Groom becomes a poet we can trust as we await surprise after surprise. Reading this book encourages the heart of the reader to believe, once again, in the majestic environment created from great poetic achievement."

Ray Gonzalez